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The Journal is complex journaling software. At first sight, the interface seems to be overcrowded and the elements seem to be placed chaotically. This can intimidate some users but appearances are deceiving. The application isn't easy to use but because it’s so complex, it contains many graphical elements and menu items. Although most of the tools are simple, it takes a while to accommodate and memorize where everything is.

At its core, the program is very straightforward: when you open it, it creates a new entry in the database for the current day and awaits input. But if your journaling needs require more than that, the utility comes ready with entry templates, multiple entries for one day or sub-entries, categorizing tools, advanced text formatting, support for media files, a thesaurus, a feature that helps you automatically post to your blog and much more.

The last version of this program looks pretty much the same like the older releases. There are very small differences here and there, lots of bug fixes and a few new tools (e.g. a tool for checking journal volume integrity).

In conclusion, this is an excellent journaling application that can be used by both beginners and advanced users.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Easy to use
  • Supports advanced text formatting
  • Supports adding media files
  • Very flexible
  • Has many features


  • Some toolbar icons are ugly and non-intuitive
  • Toolbar seems messy because icons are not aligned properly
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